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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Parking Privileges

Yesterday a crew from the city came to repair the parking lines in front of the house. I called in a couple weeks ago because the strips were worn off and were tripping hazards in a couple of places (they don't paint the lines, they use an industrial tape).

And I realized what a privilege it is to have this dedicated disabled parking spot right in front of our house. Not that it's MY spot - anyone with a disabled placard can use it, but that's only happened once. When we had the addition built on the house, we gave up off-street parking. We're close enough to Hawthorne that weekend parking can be a premium, and there were nights we'd have to park a block away from the house, which is aggravating for a person with mobility challenges.

I called the city a year or so ago to inquire about residential disabled parking spots - I'd seen them on other streets but didn't know what the process was to get one. Turns out, it's fairly easy. I sent them a letter explaining why I needed it and included a photocopy of my disabled parking permit. A few weeks later, a crew showed up, put down the strips and installed a sign. They didn't even ask where we wanted it, but they put it exactly where I was thinking it should go. And it didn't cost us a dime.

The crew of four (yes, four!) who came yesterday to repair it were quite entertaining for the three-year-olds who were here - OK, for the adults too. (Of one of them, Ms. P remarked, so all the neighbors knew, "He has a Mohawk!") First they blow torched the old tape off - showy! - and then laid down the new and rolled it flat. They were done in a matter of 15 minutes.

And they were a full-service crew. One of them helped round up Liza who, in all the excitement, made a break for it out the front door and pranced up to 38th and beyond. Apparently it was past time for her daily walk.

I don't take for granted the privilege of a disabled parking permit, allowing me to park anywhere for as long as I need for free, and usually getting me pretty close to the entrance of any store or business I'm going into. And this parking spot is a gift I don't take lightly either. It's another one of those things you can't appreciate until you need it yourself.

Last week, Gwenlyn added this sign to my special parking sign. Sadly, someone walked off with it before I saw it.

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Linda Koons said...

Now who could be so rotten as to steal that sign? I think you should canvass the neighborhood on that flashy scooter til you find it!